US Citizens/Green Cards

At ENIN Systems INC, we provide payroll and billing solutions for US citizens and Green Card Holders. We are also a notch above when it comes to reviewing client agreements and collecting payments for invoices. At ENIN Systems INC, we emphasize on processing the payroll irrespective of payments from the client.

The process in detail

We usually possess a variety of W-2 employment options. Moreover, we are adept in processing your payroll on a bi-weekly basis sans federal taxes. In the process, we also provide medical insurance and flexible spending accounts.

Have your own say as independent contractors

If you would like to work as an independent IT contractor, we are glad to inform you that you can set your own terms. You can work only with projects and locations you desire. In other words, you just need to possess the appropriate skills and desire to demonstrate your skills.

At ENIN Systems INC, we take care of everything from project placement to payroll

  • Creating invoice for your clients
  • Managing time sheets
  • Processing payrolls
  • Verifying the details of the employees

Why should you collaborate with us?

  • We keep the negotiation process transparent
  • Extensive support
  • Bi-weekly payroll process
  • Greater emphasis on proper communication

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