Employee Benefits

At ENIN Systems, we offer many perks to our employees apart from their regular salary. To us, the overall well-being of our employees is quite crucial. That is why we lay special emphasis on motivating them from time to time. In case you need more information, our HR is just a call away.

A brief glance at the various employee benefits offered by us

  • Medical Insurance
  • Paid leaves (Applies to full-time employees only)
  • Customized salary packages
  • Avail work visas and green card for free
  • Spending Accounts flexible in nature
  • Attractive incentives and bonuses
  • Help for relocation
  • We allow our employees to continue their education

Salary deposits

At ENIN Systems, we ensure that salaries are deposited directly to your account twice in a week. In case you need to enroll in our 401K plans, we are just a call away.

Paid Leaves

In general situations, all our employees are qualified for one week of paid leaves. However, they have to complete 3000 to 4000 hours of employment. It can also vary as per your position. Refer to your offer letter for more information.

Assistance with relocation

We also assist with relocation of our employees. For more details, you can speak to our HR.

Medical Insurance

Our medical insurance policies usually cover the cost of surgeon fees and physician charges. Coverage can sometimes also include the worker’s family. (Discuss with HR for more details).

You can continue your education from where you left off

At ENIN Systems, we help our workers to finish their education from where they left off.

We believe in fostering relationships that lasts forever

At ENIN Systems INC, we are passionate about fostering relationships which lasts forever. We communicate frequently with our employees and help you with every possible support during your tenure with us. We also collaborate with you in finding new projects. If you decide to leave us for any reason, we encourage you to stay in touch with us to harness future opportunities.

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